Driftpile General History Timeline

From 1899 until 1910, the entire population of Treaty Indians around the Lesser Slave Lake area was listed initially on a single annuity pay list as members of one single band.

Kinasayoo’s. Band Members were allowed to move between Reserves as they wished. This situation persisted until 1929 when the Department of Indian Affairs sought to reduce the confusion and administer the five (5) groups into their own regions separately. This situation exists to this very day.

Today, these five groups are named the Kapawe’no First Nation, Sucker Creek First Nation, Driftpile First Nation, Sawridge Band, and Swan River First Nation.

The Lesser Slave Lake Indian Regional Council (L.S.L.I.R.C.) was established in 1971. Its purpose was to ‘take over’ governance over the surrounding Reserves. On the historic date of August 13th, 1979, a ‘Master Agreement’ was signed between member First Nations of the L.S.L.I.R.C. and the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).

Beginning on April 1, 1980, the Lesser Slave Lake Indian regional Council (Regional Council) claimed sovereignty over the administration and delivery of certain programs and services, thereby creating their own management regime.

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