BRAID-Kids Program

BRAID-Kids is a project for children and their families. It is about healthy living and preventing diabetes.

BRAID-Kids is taking place in Driftpile First Nation. The Health Centre and Mihtatakaw Sipiy School are partners on the BRAID-Kids project.

BRAID-Kids measures children for their blood sugar levels, blood pressure, weight, height, and BMI (body mass index). Children also do a running test called a “BEEP Test” that measures their fitness. Children are measured at the start and end of each school year.

Nutrition teaching is provided to children and their families. BRAID-Kids also encourages children and their families to take part in activities going on in the community (such as hand games).

The BRAID-Kids goal is to help children and families increase their physical activity and improve nutrition.

For more information contact Tessirae at 780-355-3931.

Also check out our website and join our Facebook Group!

BRAID-Kids Website

BRAID-Kids Facebook Page

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